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just Message From Tunisian Fallega Team To Russia. Peopel And Government.
You Have To Stop Supporting The Criminel "bashar" and Stop Killing Innocent Childrens, Womens That Killed In.
The Force's Attacks. Russian Forces Destroyed Syrian's Families. Homes ,schools, hospitals,mosks.

Terrorism Against Muslims In Burma by buthist in Palestine by Zionist, India. Kachmir by Indian
Freedom For Bassem Basha
Governemnt Chechenya by Russian government in Syria by Bashar army in Iran by iranian "Shiaa", in Afghanistan. Iraq by american forces. in Libanon by "naser allah"
and his "shiaa forces", in Mali by frensh forces. Yemen. China. Philipine. Indonisia. Guntanamo ( Cuba )
Abu Gharib ,Center Africa. Negiria ,Niger. Somali And Other Country.
Muslims Killed Every Day By Zionist. bouthist Christians And Chiaa.

Tunisian Fallaga Team

. Fallag Gassrini Bl4ck Ghost-H & LaymenoS & capoo lionel & PeaCeMakeR.XTN.

☀Tunisian Fallaga Team ☀